Who cares if we lose mining jobs?

The politicians and media in Australia are often tip-toeing around the issue of mining jobs. Politicians are especially keen to appear as though they will protect jobs in ‘carbon vulnerable’ sectors such as coal mining.

In fact, by protecting jobs in mining and fossil fuels we are preventing other Australians from even getting jobs in the emerging ‘green collar’ economy. This is because of the simple fact that per dollar of investment, jobs created in the new ‘clean-tech’ industries far out-strip those in the fossil fuel and mining sectors.

This is shown in a recent study by the University of Massachusetts titled How Clean-Energy Policies Can Fight Poverty and Raise Living Standards in the United States. Sure, it’s a United States example, but surely it is not far off the mark for us here in Australia.

The numbers are quite astounding and really speak for themselves. For an equal investment, roughly three times as many jobs are created (direct, indirect, and induced) in clean energy when compared to the fossil fuel industry.

Job creation in clean energy vs. fossil fuels

Click here to view the Full Report (PDF)

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