Earth Hour before and after photos

Back in 2007 I took some good quality before and after photos of the very first Earth Hour event in Sydney. Unlike other photos published that year (and since) by the news media, mine are a ‘truer’ representation of the before and after effect.

The before photo was actually taken several days before Earth Hour because I knew that most building managers would have already shut down most lighting prior to Earth Hour on the actual day. Also, I used the same settings for both photos so they don’t exaggerate or mis-represent what was actually achieved. On the other hand, photographers sitting around on the evening of Earth Hour taking ‘real time’ before and after photos didn’t get to see the full effect at all.

The photos were originally picked up by WWF off Adam Searle’s blog post. I was happy to release them to promote the cause, but was a little disappointed when I saw them re-printed in the Sydney Morning Herald Earth Hour supplement in 2008 and credited to some agency. I really hope they didn’t get sold on (I still haven’t had a response from WWF to clarify this).

Anyway, happy to see they are still being put to use… now featuring in the opening credits of this year’s official Earth Hour video (see below).

Earth Hour 2007 (Sydney) - Before

Earth Hour 2007 (Sydney) - After

If you would like to reproduce these photos to promote or discuss Earth Hour or related issues, please:

1. Contact me and get my permission first (unless you are going to make money off them I’m happy for the images to be used free of charge).

2. Download them from this site (high-resolution versions can be obtained by clicking above).

3. Include an acknowledgement such as ‘Copyright Ryan McCarthy’, ‘Photos by Ryan McCarthy’, a link to this website, or similar.

Thanks… and don’t forget Earth Hour this year: 8.30pm, Saturday 27th March, Worldwide!

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